Friday, July 16, 2010

How to Stage a Successful Comeback and Win Your Ex Instantly After a Relationship Breakup Or Crisis

By Tosin Ajibowo and Nkechi Ajibowo

One thing can be said about relationship breakups and that is you can stage a comeback if you so desire and are not prepared to call it quits with your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, mate, partner, spouse or Ex.

It is no longer news to you hearing that so and so in such and such relationship broke up or is separated because check this out, you are in the middle of a relationship crisis that has ended in breakup.

Tell you what, it can be tough and/or frightening waking up to the realization that your love relationship is suddenly over and it all depends on how you take it in addition to the circumstances that led to your separation presently.

However, one thing that can be said in your favour or to your credit is that you are willing and ready to give your relationship breakup a fight to see things restored back even as you attempt to reconcile and become reunited with your lover and Ex.

Surprisingly, not many lovers tow this line or attempt to make up after a breakup has occurred in their relationship.

You must be warned that what things you thought to do to make your Ex realize why the breakup should not have happened, or why you feel you should still be together in your relationship might simply not be as easy as you imagined.

The simple reason is that the atmosphere of your love relationship has been drastically changed or altered by reason of the breakup that has happened. As such, emotions are still strung tense and there are areas where events have become a personal issue for both of you.

During this season that both of you are separated, placing voice calls or sending secret love messages of I still love you, I can't go another day without you in my life, or pulling whatever emotional tantrums will only help to keep the door shut against you for a comeback, reconciliation or getting your Ex back.

If this is what you have been up to lately, I advise you to PLEASE STOP right this moment. You are doing damage to whatever chances you have left for a successful comeback and getting your Ex back to your side and in your arms once again.

A proven trick that has been known to work even for difficult relationship breakup situations is for you to learn and master how to become attractive inside and out again. This is the start point before anything else. Furthermore, you can successfully win back his/her love in addition to being able to attract him/her to your side for another chance with your love relationship if you will only learn how.

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