Friday, June 25, 2010

Invest Yourself in Degree

by Tara Dubbs

You'll Be a Better Person

College grads exhibit a higher prevalence of desirable personality traits. In a report published by the Carnegie Foundation, researchers found that postsecondary students were "more open-minded, more cultured, more rational, more consistent, and less authoritarian." What's more, your children inherit these personality traits. They also found that attending college will "decrease prejudice, enhance knowledge of world affairs, and enhance social status."

College Does the Body Good

More highly educated people have lower incidences of many serious illnesses. According to the study "Disease and Disadvantage in the United States and in England," published by the American Medical Association, people with high levels of education reported lower rates of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and lung disease. College graduates also smoke less and have lower obesity rates than less-educated Americans. Furthermore, "parental schooling levels are positively correlated with the health status of their children."

The Bright Side of Graduation

Graduating college makes you think positively. A study by Cohn and Geske found that "college graduates appear to have a more-optimistic view of their past and future personal progress." It's no surprise that there is a high correlation between higher education and good cultural and family values.

Everyone Benefits from Your Degree

You are not the only person who reaps the benefits of a college degree. The Institute for Higher Education Policy finds that the public will benefit from increased tax revenues and greater consumption. College graduates are also less reliant on financial support from the government. And the workforce will benefit from college graduates' greater productivity and flexibility.